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Redefining Doodling? Really?

Sunni Brown is young, she’s smart, she’s charming—and she’s being featured on TED talks (Technology, Entertainment, Design). TED speakers are notorious for the contributions that they bring to creative problem-solving and technological innovation.

Brown’s presentation, “Doodlers Unite!” begins with some historical context, which points to the negative connotations associated with the word “doodle” in the past. She then highlights how doodling at the workplace has been viewed as an entirely inappropriate activity up to this day. Brown states,

“I think that our culture is so intensely focused on verbal information that we’re almost blinded to the value of doodling.”

To subvert traditional notions of doodling, Brown proposes a new definition: “To make spontaneous marks to help yourself think.” But are the marks that one makes when doodling really spontaneous, when an end goal for the doodle has been predetermined? Continue reading ‘Redefining Doodling? Really?’

The beauty that is Inkstuds

It didn’t take me this long to read Inkstuds (Conundrum Press, 2010) because I found it tedious; on the contrary, I wanted to savour these interviews and read them in small doses, interspersed with the ongoing consumption of comics—many created by artists featured on the radio show. Kudos to McConnell: with all of the interviews he’s conducted, I don’t know how he decided which ones to put in this volume. I suspect that’s why there’s a “1” on the spine of the book!

In the introduction to Inkstuds, comics scholar Jeet Heer remarks, “McConnell takes a deceptively casual tack, winging his way like a student at an oral exam who is willing to make up for in gusto what he lacks in preparation (6).” This may be especially true when listening to McConnell’s show, but one feature of reading the interviews that I found interesting was how once transcribed on the page, these conversations take on a new life. Now edited, gone are the traces of improvisational filler, instead leaving only a fluid path of ideas. Continue reading ‘The beauty that is Inkstuds’

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