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Krazy Kat goes a-wooing; Bugologist; and Ignatz Mouse at the Circus

This just in: I was looking for pictures of burgers and fries on Wikimedia Commons for a work-related project (seriously!) and today’s “Media of the day” was a 1916 Krazy Kat animation that has been made available in the Public Domain. Further investigation led to the discovery of an additional Krazy Kat animation also uploaded to the Commons this year. However, neither file included audio, and both were in an .ogv file format, which it would appear is not supported on WordPress without a video upgrade.

This led me to searching on YouTube for both videos, and both are there, as well as others! If you are a Krazy Kat fan then you may already know about these videos; it was news to me, so I’m sharing with you for your viewing pleasure. There is a good summary of Krazy Kat animations on the “Krazy Kat” page for Wikipedia.

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