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Happy Mother’s Day!

"Sleepyhead." Fine-tipped pen, coloured pencil, coffee, chai, and--liquid paper.

On Zen and Pancakes


Since I have been known to meditate in both the Shambhala and Soto Zen traditions, and since I am also a comics fanatic, I found the excerpt included below of particular interest. It is from The Teacup & the Skullcup: Chögyam Trungpa on Zen and Tantra (Vajradhatu Publications, 2008).

Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche (1939-87) is a Vajrayana (tantric) meditation master, and a holder of the Tibetan Buddhist Kagyü and Nyimgma lineages. He is also the founder of the Shambhala lineage. Many of his dharma talks have been transcribed and published by Shambhala Publications. The excerpt below is from a talk given in 1974 at Tail of the Tiger Buddhist Retreat Center in Barnet, Vermont. During this period, Trungpa’s teachings were delivered with an intensity directly influenced by Vajrayana “crazy wisdom” practices. Continue reading ‘On Zen and Pancakes’

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