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R. Crumb’s Book of Genesis

I’m a second-wave Crumb fan, not being old enough to have appreciated his work when it was first causing a stir in the early underground comix scene. My first exposure to R. Crumb was through his contributions to American Splendor. Then last year I read an extended commentary on his work by Crumb himself in Todd Hignite’s In the Studio. This is where I first learned of the illustrated Book of Genesis, which at the time of the interview was a work in progress. Not long afterwards, there it was, sitting on the shelf in a local bookshop after five years in the making.

I remember vaguely being introduced to the Book of Job in high school by my grade 12 English teacher, who incidentally made a very powerful impression on me during those formative years—though the Book of Job did not. Our teacher felt that even though we were not in an English Literature class, the importance of the Bible was too great to not acknowledge as part of our course of study. But other than that brief segue into the Bible on the basis of its literary merit, I haven’t touched the Old Testament up until now. Continue reading ‘R. Crumb’s Book of Genesis’


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Portrait by Rob Jones

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